Sana Tranquilact®

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SanaTranquilact® - Strength is in calm!

Tranquilact® is a nutritional supplement made from the hydrolyzate of milk protein with a bioactive peptide. Tranquilact® supports you in coping with difficult tasks and enables you to maintain inner peace and balance.

In everyday life

Tranquilact® strengthens you at work and in everyday life so that you can focus on the essentials with increased concentration. - Feel safe, let the stress bounce off you. Ensure a peaceful sleep with Tranquilact® and start the new day well rested. Put stage fright and inner restlessness aside.

For children (ADS)

Tranquilact® is also suitable for children and improves attention in school and leisure. Also ideal in exam situations.

PZN: 12871496

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