Mumijo / Shilajit / Maumasil

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Mumijo  or Shijalit  called.

Mumijo  is a very strong mineral, mostly black-brown substance. It is only found in Central Asia in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Altai Mountains and in some mountain regions in southern Kazakhstan.

Mumijo (Shilajit) has been a substance used in TCM and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.


Clinical studies have shown that taking 200-300 mg of Mumijo twice a day for 30 days significantly accelerated the healing of broken bones. Bone callus formation occurred 14 days earlier in the Mumijo group. The content of natural strontium is said to be a significant reason for this effect. Because strontium activates the mineralization of the bone, which is why Mumijo is also occasionally used in conventional medicine for osteoporosis. Apparently, in some Russian clinics, Mumijo is prescribed before complicated surgery.

  • Mumijo detoxifies -theStomach and intestines
  • Mumijo strengthens the immune system
  • Mumijo increases fertility and seed quality
  • Mumijo regulates blood lipid levels and reduces oxidative stress


  • Fulvic acids
  • Humic acids
  • amino acids
  • Traces of vitamins and typical plant substances
  • Alkaloids
  • Vegetable fats
  • Essential oils
  • Waxes and polyphenols
  • Fulvin and humic acids
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