Pure CBD 5% - 10 ml

Base price with 100ml 360.00€

  • 10ml bottle with 5% highly pure CBD (500 mg)
  • 0% THC
  • Natural biology hempseed oil, with a light nutty taste
  • From 100% of certificated hempseed made (cannabis Sativa)
  • Vegan & freely of glow
  • Without colorings and preservatives
  • Lab-checked premium quality


The hemp plant becomes since many millenniums in numerous cultures as a benefit plant and remedial plant used. Numerous investigations confirm his health use.

Our body has developed on evolutionary way own Canabinoid receptors which are investigated partly well and whose functions are well booked for the well-being.

The cleanness of the used Cannabinoids is essential, for the effectiveness of the product. Hence, we use only highly pure medical CBD. Therefore, the elective strength and dosage on the personal experiences should be supported with the application.

For an optimum resorption we recommend to give the oil CBD directly under the tongue. The oral mucosae absorb the essence and after 10 - 20 seconds, then you can swallow the rest. Because CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, it is advisable furthermore to consume adipose food shortly before or after. For example, butter, milk, cheese, adipose plant milk or nuts.

We guarantee for this product always the best possible quality.

  • Before use well shake
  • After advent in 60 days use up.


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