about us


Novilab Med has a passionate vision:

We want to provide people with the missing or insufficient building blocks of life so that the best builder - the human body itself - can always completely supply and repair the foundation of life, the cells, and thus create a healthy body that unites has a healthy mind.



That people eat sustainably and healthily, are not exposed to stress and environmental factors and that the basic supply of the cells of the body is continuously guaranteed.



At Novilab Med you will always find a top assortment with certified organic articles - from food to food supplements and cosmetics to products for allergy sufferers and for your dear animals. We always strive to grow the range with your needs and the requirements for a healthy life. The origin of our goods is transparent and the quality of all products is usually certified and controlled according to strict guidelines. As far as possible, we promote cooperation with regional suppliers and associations and stand for fairness in dealing with suppliers and employees. Social commitment is just as important to us.

We make sure that our manufacturers / suppliers, like ourselves, are checked regularly by the responsible, independent, accredited test centers. In these usually strict controls are checks whether analyzes for pesticide, heavy metal or pollutant residues, microbiological contamination or genetic engineering changes and much more. in the basic substances and how our suppliers are checked. The confirmation of a successful control is usually a certificate which we add to the corresponding products on the Internet so that they can understand them.